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Greetings and salutations. Thanks for visiting my part of the web.

My name is Rachel Pierson, and I currently serve as an EdTech Coach and Curriculum Developer.

I’ve held other roles like a Personalized Learning Coach, STEM Teacher, and an ELA/Science/Music/Art teacher for the middle grades (5-8).

I’ve been in education since 2005, and I enjoy seeing the spark of learning and the possibilities everyone has–children and adults alike. I frequently refer to myself as a “technology nerd with a teaching and learning habit.”

I enjoy music (both listening and performing), reading, movies, games (both board, pencil/paper and the computer/console variety).

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dina

    Last week I was able to view and hear the podcasts from your website on the interviews done for the end of the book project for Hatchet. I had minimized it and then shut my computer down for the weekend. Now, I am unable to see it on your site. It is missing. It says the student’s names but has not link. Have they been taken down? Can I find it somewhere else?

    1. Rachel Pierson

      Hi Dina! Sorry for the glitch! I migrated all my content over to my new site, and the links must have gone away when I did that. I will fix it as soon as I’m able, and will send you an email when the content is updated. Thanks for letting me know!


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