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Rachel Pierson is a passionate educator with a mission to empower teachers and students through innovative technology integration. With a wealth of experience spanning elementary and middle school education, STEM, and instructional design, she brings a unique perspective on harnessing technology to enhance teaching and learning.

Currently, Rachel serves as a middle school Computer Technology teacher in South Dakota and has a rich background in curriculum design, development, and teacher coaching. Her expertise extends to educational technology, instructional technology, and building online communities that foster collaboration and professional growth.

A versatile and creative individual, Rachel enjoys exploring graphic design, website development, and singing semi-professionally. As an advocate for lifelong learning, she is committed to inspiring educators and students alike to embrace the power of technology in the classroom and beyond. Connect with Rachel on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter: @RPiersonEdu to join her journey in shaping the future of education.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dina

    Last week I was able to view and hear the podcasts from your website on the interviews done for the end of the book project for Hatchet. I had minimized it and then shut my computer down for the weekend. Now, I am unable to see it on your site. It is missing. It says the student’s names but has not link. Have they been taken down? Can I find it somewhere else?

    1. Rachel Pierson

      Hi Dina! Sorry for the glitch! I migrated all my content over to my new site, and the links must have gone away when I did that. I will fix it as soon as I’m able, and will send you an email when the content is updated. Thanks for letting me know!


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