SMART Goal Book Reviews

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It was the summer before my second year of teaching. I remember sitting in my apartment on my secondhand maroon futon with a middle-school chapter book in my hand and a notebook in my lap. As I read each chapter, I thought about the questions that would get my students to think deeply and respond to what they were reading… Read more »

Moving Your Stuff with Google Takeout

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Change is inevitable, and in the event when you’re moving out of one Google Suite domain into another, keeping your hard work is something you may choose to do. You can spend ages sharing your Google Drive files to another account. You could download every file and save it to a flash drive or external hard drive. All of these… Read more »

Reader Question: Editing and Printing PDFs

How do I print just a few pages from a PDF without going through so much trouble? Yes, there are many PDF editors and extensions out there like DocHub, Kami (both of which I’ve used,  and a Google Chrome Web Store search for PDF extensions comes up with a huge list! What if I just want to take a couple pages out of… Read more »

New Facebook Page and Group ~ Join today!

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Hi friends! I am looking to the future, and I realize that this blog/site hasn’t been a place for people to connect as much as it has been a megaphone for my infrequent posts. Therefore, I have started a Facebook Page, and a Facebook Group for us to share stories, give each other support, and learn from each other. I… Read more »

Hello, World!

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School has started for the thirteenth year on the other side of the desk, and we’re off and running with Digital Citizenship, Math and Science, and building things in STEM class. Most of my work this year so far has been figuring out which standards apply to my class and how to carry those out. I’m excited to work in… Read more »

Reader Question: What about desktop publishing?

I had a teacher friend message me last night asking this: I have always been making my calendars for school in Publisher because I like to make them pretty and fun. I recently saw that Publisher is not always available in the office suites anymore. Do you know of any software (preferably free to cheap) that could be used to… Read more »

7 Steps to App Smashing with Google Slides, Screencastify, and Flipgrid

I had a fantastic idea while working with the Flipgrid Explorer Series for this year! I saw a lot of students posting short videos using iMovie & iPads to respond to the first topic, Birds in Your Neighborhood. Since we’re a Chromebook school, I wondered how we might go about doing the same thing. It will be easy with Google Slides, the… Read more »

A Sense of Wonder

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Our STEM classroom was recently blessed with the addition of a 3D Printer. Now, we had a few small printers last year, but they gave us some trouble and haven’t been used much. Our new printer is bigger, faster, and louder. Whenever the students come into the room and they hear it running, there is always a big crowd around… Read more »

The Power of an Open Door

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Admittedly, due to some Issues I’ve been having recently in this thing we call life, I’ve been feeling moody. There’s so many things to be positive about right now, including the release of a collaborative book! (Yikes, I’m a published author now?? Who would have thought.) I’ve let myself wallow for a long time in this space, so I have… Read more »

Empowering Learners #TIES16

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My first time at TIES was last year, and I was very excited to be able to participate in this event again this year. The theme this year was “Empowering Learners,” and it reinforced how much student voice and choice is becoming a normal mode of education. I’m going to go ahead and publish this post; check back for further thoughts…. Read more »