Build Each Other Up (Pt. 2)

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Welcome to my new WordPress blog!  I was looking for a blog platform that would be a more permanent place to share my personal stories as well as things I learn and implement in my teaching career.

I first started blogging at Xanga.  I didn’t really have a purpose to blogging there, and only a small audience of some of my friends.  I attempted to then blog at Blogspot about my health and fitness journey.

One of the main reasons I finally started this blog was due to the 30 Day Kickstart Your Blogging.  I found it on

On to the good stuff!  In 2008, I wrote a post on Xanga called Build Each Other Up. Since I work at a Lutheran school, we have a rotating schedule where one of the three pastors teaches in your classroom every year.  Three years ago, this particular pastor did an activity with the students about saying positive things about each other as mentioned in Ephesians 4:29 (See the previous link for the kids’ statements from three years ago.) Here are the positive things the kids (and my principal/pastor) had to say about me:

  • Miss M is a great teacher
  • Miss M is a good teacher
  • Miss M is a good teacher for reading class
  • I like Miss M because she is a great teacher
  • Miss M is really good at explaining whatever questions you might have and she is a great singer
  • Miss M is a nice teacher
  • I like Miss M because she helps students
  • I like how Miss M corrects people
  • Miss M is an awesome teacher and good at singing
  • Miss M is a great teacher and musically gifted
  • Miss M is an artist
  • Miss M is awesome at English
  • I think Miss M is a great teacher
  • Miss M has a good voice
  • Miss M is nice
  • I like how Miss M pushes us to do the best we can
  • I like Miss M because she always helps everyone with their computer problems
  • I think Miss M is a very good English teacher
  • I think Miss M is a fun teacher to have
  • I believe Miss M understands people the way few do.  Her youthful enthusiasm really relates to the teens.  I pray she never gets jaded because of the world but always remains positive and hopeful in Christ to reach students that need her.
  • God has blessed you with a teacher heart.  I pray that He will always keep it tender and not allow the mundane challenges of teaching to callous it.  Always keep looking at those little lambs as a blessing even when they truly try to be a curse.  What a privilege we share given a public ministry call.  A call to teach them a treasure that will be with them forever: the love of Jesus.

Though it’s obvious which statements are from students and which are from co-workers, I am still humbled that this is what people think about me.

What can you say to your students/coworkers/family to build them up today?

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3 thoughts on “Build Each Other Up (Pt. 2)

  1. Jessica Tipton

    I would absolutely love to be able to send my children to a Lutheran School, but even within a 60 mile radius of where I live the Lutheran Schools are few and far between.

  2. Anne

    My kids (students) have a way of building me up with a simple hug or “thank you.” I need to remember more often to reciprocate!

    (P.S. Rachel – you are a great motivator in many areas. I don’t know that I can keep up with you!)

  3. Anonymous

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