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Wedding planning is hard.
I keep telling people that things are going okay, but I’m really starting to freak out and I’m getting to the point where I don’t want to do anything because I’m just afraid it’s going to get messed up. (My perfectionism causing problems again, I see.)

What am I learning in this? Patience, definitely, but I think I have the ability to be patient to a fault. I went to the

Calla Lilly Bouquet from w-weddingflowers.com

local florist for an initial consultation at the end of March. I didn’t hear from them in April, so I emailed. They said they were busy with a few tragic deaths in their community in a short time frame. I understand, it’s difficult. I still hadn’t heard from them in May. I emailed, they replied that they were busy with Mother’s Day. I emailed again at the beginning of this week and I haven’t heard back from them. It’s just frustrating!! Maybe I’m just using this blog post to vent about that, but I feel the need. I have someone from my school that is willing to help me design and put together silk flowers, so I’m going to work with her to get *something* done. (What do you think about the calla lilies? I really would love circus roses and tiger lilies in there too… still searching for pictures on that…)

Being that my fiance and I are 500 miles apart and the place where we’re getting married is somewhere in-between, it’s been really difficult to coordinate things. There are times where I just wish we would have waited until next summer, but I would have probably still have been putting certain things off.

I guess what I’m writing to tell myself, keep calm. Things will be fine. Like Tony said, “If, at the end of the day, we’re married, it will have been a success.”

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1 thought on “Just a Quick Update

  1. April

    I love calla lilies and was hoping to do them for Justin and my wedding next summer, but fresh ones are so pricey!

    And Tony’s right…at the end of the day, you’ll be married! :oD And that’s what it’s all for. :oD


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