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I started writing this post a while ago, and then I saved the draft and forgot about it… here it is, finally!

Happy new year! I hope in 2012 you learn something new every day! It’s been a busy start to the new year so far for me. The first weekend was spent halfway between our home and my in-laws’ home so we could celebrate Christmas together.

I spent a lot of the time reading for my current course. My new masters’ course for the first half of the semester is Instructional Design.

Teacher Training by StanfordEdTech

Had no idea what it was, but now I do! Here’s one of my first assignments, which outlines what each step of the ADDIE model of Instructional Design is and two things an instructional designer might do at each step.

I’m not sure if the embed link will work, but click the link and you’ll be able to see my flow chart.,0.5&zoom=0.65

In the weeks that have passed since I initially wrote this post, we’ve worked up to the Design phase.  My final project is a design for helping the teachers at my school learn how to maintain and update their home pages on our school website. Right now, they’re handing off information and having one or two parent volunteers handle all the data.  I think if the teachers learn how to upload documents or write quick blog posts, they will be able to save the parents the work. I see the flip side of having it be more work for the teachers, though. I asked them if it would be something they’d be interested in at our last faculty meeting, and most of their reactions were positive.

I do still need to interview someone who has worked with trainings, and I don’t think anyone in my direct sphere of interaction would be what I’m looking for exactly.  I still have another week or so to do that.  If you, reader, know anyone who has worked in Instructional Design or training people, would you send them my way? I would love to interview a Technology Integration Specialist or EdTech person that helps train other teachers. (Is there a job like that out there? Man, that would be fun…)

Until we meet again, keep a song in your heart!

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