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Hi readers! I recently spent two days in the Wisconsin Dells with around 650 other educators, trainers, and tech enthusiasts for the Midwest Google Education Summit. It was great! I’m still decompressing, and hope to have a blog post on it in the near future.

One of the things I’ve taken from many of the sites, blogs, and resources I’ve read is the concept of 3B4T. I don’t know where it originated from, so if you’re the one who came up with it, I’m really sorry I don’t know you to give you credit!

3B4T is the phrase that encourages students to look for the answers to their questions on their own before coming to ask the teacher. First, they use their brain. Might there be something in the instructions or content they may have missed the first time? Second, they can browse. Use the textbook or a computer (in my classroom, each student has a Chromebook) to find the answer. Third, they may quietly ask a buddy. If all those avenues fail, then they may ask the teacher. So, they have three “Bs” that come before “T.” In order to help my students remember this, I made a PDF! Feel free to download and use it, I just ask that I get credit for it. (Download link under the image.) Thanks, and keep a song in your heart!

Sample image:

PDF Download link: 3B4T Chart

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4 thoughts on “3B4T Chart

  1. Shannon Kopp

    I know this is from your older post but thank you for this awesome visual! I’m a special ed assistant working in an inclusion 2nd Grade Class and we are trying to encourage our students to be more proactive and independent. I came across your 3B4T and it’s working in our classroom! I have made a poster for our classroom and also lanyards! We wear a smaller 3B4T around our necks while we are teaching small groups and we simply flash them our lanyard with the 3B4T as a gentle reminder when they come to us with a question. Thanks again…what a huge help!

    1. Rachel Pierson

      Thank you so much, Shannon! I’m so glad it’s helping your students. I think my graphic is due for a refresh, though! 🙂


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