Reflections: Third Quarter Slump

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The only thing that’s keeping me going right now…

Hi readers. Loads and loads going on here in my world. I’m going through the highs and lows of the third quarter slump. For those of you non-teachers who may be reading this, the third quarter (at least, at our school) seems to be the longest stretch of the school year, with not very many breaks. We had MLK, Jr. day off, but the teachers had a full day of CPR and PD. We had last Friday off due to water main break (because of the cold), which was a welcome break, but it just didn’t seem to do the trick.

Perhaps the biggest thing happening with me has to do with my father’s health. He was in the hospital with chest pains at the end of January, and he is scheduled for a five-vessel cardiac bypass surgery this Wednesday. Being eight hours away from the man you first loved is difficult. My dad and I have always been close, and it’s scaring me a bit knowing that he’s about to go through this challenge. God has always and will always provide, and I know that, but it’s still concerning. I will not use the word “worry”! He is in the capable hands of qualified professionals, and his angels will be watching over him. There will be multitudes of people praying over him on that day, and I welcome if you’d join with them.

I have just been on an emotional roller coaster lately. Two days ago, I was in a groove, excited, and I tweeted about how I want to go change the world. Today, I would have liked to roll over and not see anyone.

We have a field trip to my alma mater (high school) this week, and another Mystery Skype session lined up for Thursday. I really hope I’m back up to a high point again for those things in particular!

For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation. He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken. (Psalm 62:1-2, ESV)

Until next time, keep a song in your heart!

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