Google Education Summit, Wisconsin Lutheran College

This summer I had the awesome privilege of speaking at the second Google Education Summit at Wisconsin Lutheran College. I was an attendee last year, and I was quite happy when I was asked to come back and talk about my Google Apps for Education/Chromebook experience.

Lunch on the Milwaukee Shoreline

Lunch on the Milwaukee Shoreline

It was another great week at WLC! I was really happy to spend time with all the folks learning how to get Google-fied. I was able to share some great things that we did in my classroom last year, and I hope the attendees found it helpful.

The one big bummer of a moment was during the day at Discovery World. The day itself was awesome– I’m hoping we can schedule a field trip sometime this year. I was eagerly anticipating an email from the people at CUE that run the Google Teacher Academy. I had submitted my application a few weeks prior, and I was hoping for some fantastic news. However, I wasn’t one of the ~50 people chosen for this particular GTA. It would have been great – it was hosted at the Google offices in Chicago. I plan on applying to the next one, and hopefully I can attend!

Finally, here’s a video that WLC put together after the event, and after that is my Google Teacher Academy video.

Until next time, keep a song in your heart!


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