Jesus Paid it All

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After finishing the 2011 Wisconsin Half Marathon

After finishing the 2011 Wisconsin Half Marathon

I know I’ve saved the majority of posts on this blog for educational purposes, but I was typing a response to a group of Christian educators, and it turned out much longer than I intended it to be. I watched this video, and I was inspired to write my response below.

I’ve been tripping myself lately — procrastination, perfectionism, not even starting tasks because they are too big or feeling like I won’t do them well enough… looking back at social media posts, it seems like every May in recent years has been this way. Grades are due, kids are… kids…, and through it all, God is there.

Why do I forget that? Why don’t I turn to Him when my strength is zapped? The Devil is working hard…working hard… telling me I don’t have time for the things I’m supposed to do… encouraging me to waste my time on things that have no lasting effect… and yet Jesus literally sweat BLOOD because of what he was tasked by the Father to do.

Nobody is asking me to give up my life. Nobody is telling me that the eternal consequences of every person to exist is on my shoulders. Jesus carried that weight…for you, for me. He carries my weight–shun that Devil telling me it’s all on me, because it’s not. It was all on Jesus. He took care of it all so that my problems are just bumps in the road.

Grades will get done, projects will be returned tomorrow… This weekend will be a few needed days of rest, and then a couple days to finish the school year in stride. Then, I can pick up the scattered pieces of projects I’ve let fall to the wayside and get back on track. It’s just like the three goals I have for myself whenever I enter a race: Finish. Don’t die. Don’t be last. Even if I trip, stumble, fall… God will never leave me behind — his grace is enough – he paid the price. My trust is in Him.

Keep His song in your heart — finish strong!

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