Proficiency is not Perfection

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As I was assessing projects last night, I found myself scrutinizing every choice the students made. It was taking too much time to analyze every project and I was upset because that made me want to quit.

My husband came to the room and asked, “Is it important that you look for every detail, or is it important that they demonstrated what you asked them to do?”

It was like a switch was flipped. Did they complete the project objectives? I should not be expecting professional graphic design work, especially from middle schoolers who are just beginning learning about color schemes, typography, and layouts.

All of a sudden, I was able to put into perspective the things I needed to look for. And that made the assessment much easier.
Proficiency is not perfection. And that’s okay.

(The image in this post came from my photo library from 2018. I’m sad I didn’t cite the book in my edits. If anyone can tell me what book it comes from, I’d appreciate it!)

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