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SMART Goal Book Review: Instructional Coaching: A Partnership Approach to Improving Instruction by Jim Knight

I’m usually the type of person that doesn’t get too flustered with how things play out, but as I began reading this book as my final SMART Goal book for the year, I realized something. This book should have been the book I started with to begin my first year of coaching teachers. If you somehow stumble upon this blog… Read more »

SMART Goal Book Review – Collaboration

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Everyday Instructional Coaching: Seven Daily Drivers to Support Teacher Effectiveness by Dr. Nathan D. Lang-Raad For the first post in the series, follow this link. First of all, some full disclosure. I didn’t buy this book. I won it. Go listen to Leader of Learning, a podcast by my #EduMatch friend, Dan Kreiness. Dan interviewed Dr. Lang-Raad on episode 26… Read more »