7 Things You Didn’t (or Didn’t Want to) Know About Me

The second update of the Teacher Challenge talks about how to write a blog post.  Thankfully, I’ve been doing this for a little while and feel pretty comfortable with my writing.  I am learning the WordPress dashboard and editing system with ease.  I could understand how a non-tech-savvy person could be a little confused with how things work. (They had a great visual presentation on how to publish a post!)

At the end of their lesson, the challenge was to write a blog post.  The first idea they gave was to write on Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Me. I don’t consider myself too interesting, but here are some facts about me!

1. I have attended Christian schools for all but two years of my education.  I went to a WELS school for Kindergarten, a non-denominational Christian school for 1st through 6th grade and the local public school for 7th and 8th grade.  I went to high school at Luther Preparatory School in Watertown, WI (Eight hours away from home!).  I attended Martin Luther College for my undergraduate degree in Elementary and Secondary Education (with a major in Life Science).  Most recently, I applied and was accepted to Concordia University – Wisconsin for the MS in Educational Technology program.  (I start in February!) (Whew!)

2. I have been to three different countries (besides the US of A).  First, Canada.  I’ve been there a couple times: once for family vacation and another for a church youth convention.  Second, the Dominican Republic.  I went there on a mission trip right after I graduated from high school.  Third, Jamaica!  The Marine Ecology class was intense, but it was worth snorkeling in crystal clear (and brackish) water.

3. I accomplished something last December that I never thought I would ever do.  I finished a half-marathon! Here’s the link to my race recap. I couldn’t have finished without my awesome coach, my fantabulous mentor and my wonderful teammates. Go Team Challenge! Go Team Wisconsin!

4. My goal all through college was to teach at my former high school.  God had different plans! I love my position here teaching middle school language arts and music.

5. I have been called the “most extroverted introvert” that the person I quoted knows. Yes, I really would rather sit and home and read or play a game rather than going “out.” Book + Fireplace + Warm Beverage = aaaaaaahhhhh.

6. I am a senior moderator of a webcomic forum community.  I met my boyfriend (of four years) through the site, and I have many solid friendships because of it.  There are a bunch of us that meet up every summer from all corners of the world!

7. Last but not least, I know how to play a variety of musical instruments.  My voice is my favorite instrument to use, as I’ve been singing in choirs since I was 10 years old.  I learned how to play the flute, French horn and trumpet.  I know how to play the piano and the pipe organ. Throw in a little tambourine and you’ve got a band! 🙂

EDIT: I thought of something that is totally random!  I have a love affair with pens.  Different colors, styles, mostly gel pens, some not… I just got 14 new G2 pens from Target for $12!  They’re in funky colors, too.  Watch out students, it may not be just the red pen you’ll fear!! 😀

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little bit about me…maybe these things are a surprise to you, and maybe they’re not, but they’re all still me!

Keep a song in your heart!

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18 thoughts on “7 Things You Didn’t (or Didn’t Want to) Know About Me

  1. Luke

    Hey, it’s good to know something about the blog writer. That you were a senior mod was news to me.

    Maybe I missed it, but what shall we expect from your blog besides seven random things? (I like random things, though, so if that trend continues, I’ll be reading!)

    1. Rachel Malkuch

      I’m planning on doing life-stuff, education stuff, and whatever I find interesting! Right now I’m going through the Teacher Challenge. They post twice a week and give us helpful tips for blogging. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Britt Gow

    Well done Rachel! Your header image and twitter posts also reveal a little about yourself. I like the links you have added to your post (adds depth) and the bold text is great for many readers, who skim the content quickly. Good luck with the rest of the Blogging Challenge.

  3. Michelle

    I like the way you formated your post. Having words in bold type and hyperlinks to text made it very appealing to the eye. I’m reading blogs to get ideas for my own blogging experience. I just wanted to let you know I stopped by 🙂

  4. Mrs S

    Great 7 things post. Love the added eighth random fact about pens. There is something wonderful about a new pen! I, too, love collecting pens, pencils and other things to write or draw with. The layout of your post is great – very easy on the eyes.

  5. Sue Waters

    Hi Rachel,

    Glad you found my visuals on how to publish a post helpful. My aim was to include enough information so that those that had never blog before would be able to follow the instructions.

    Well done on completing the half-marathon!

  6. Jenni Maartensz

    Hi Rachel
    I enjoyed your post and totally admire you for finishing that half marathon – physically I need some of your inspiration!

    And, an extroverted introvert, I love it – almost reminds me of myself!

    I do have one question to ask – even though my links were coloured in draft form, once posted they came up very non-descript. What did you do?


  7. Jana

    I loved the layout of your post with the bold-faced words, smiley faces, and links. The random thought also was a nice touch. I completely understand the love affair with pens. I have a similar one but with Sharpies…I LOVE a colored Sharpie.

  8. Patti Forster

    G2 pens are my favorite! I, too, appreciate how easy is is to read your post. Does your theme dictate the font? Is there a way to set this for an entire site without changing the theme?

    1. Rachel Malkuch

      WordPress has the option to use Typekit fonts, so I went to their website and picked two that I liked – one for headings and one for text. What I’ve seen is that the edublogs platform is very similar to WordPress. I found the option in the left sidebar of my dashboard under the “Appearance” menu/”Typekit fonts.” Hope that helps!

  9. Luanne

    Hi Rachel,
    Just stopped by to check out your blog, and to learn more about you (Posts of the Week.) I love the whole look of your blog, especially the font. I’m inspired by your workout Tweets …

  10. Leslie

    Hi Rachel,
    I am just stopping by also. I really like the look of your blog – it’s nice and clean. Congrats on the half marathon and your traveling. Who says you’re not interesting?

  11. April

    Oh, I sooo liked the spirit behind your words. Felt encouraged and encouraged. Your are definitely on my watch list:)

  12. Sara Jo

    Thanks for sharing these 7 random things! That is the first post I chose for my blog and I think it’s a really fun way to tell your readers about yourself. Even though they’re things people don’t “need” to know, I think they’re some of the most interesting and TRUEST things about who you are. Happy blogging! 🙂

  13. Rachel

    Hey Rachel! Guess what!! I’m a rachel too 🙂 Thanks for spelling it the right way, i get irritated when people add extra a’s and e’s. Guess what else…we have a few things in common like running and teaching/learning in Jamaica and I’m a music person. Bet we have more than that ~ but if you are a rachel like i’m a rachel, then you know the importance of feeling original 😉 I really like your layout and info. Cheers!


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