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My 7th and 8th grade Literature classes recently finished listening to the audiobook of The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan.  When I read the book last summer, I loved it and I knew I would have to share it with my class. Side note: I think that’s one of my favorite things about being a Literature teacher — you can change the content with which you use to share the concepts and the learning is still there. I know there are teachers out there that could teach Caddie Woodlawn for thirty years and be just fine, but I crave variety.


Project for The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

I gave my classes the ability to choose nearly anything they wanted for this project. I was hoping that the kids would choose something that they’d enjoy doing, not something they were unenthusiastic about. One of the popular choices with the 8th graders was a blank Facebook profile that they had to fill out with information about a character from the book.  Sadly, the 7th graders’ popular choice was a collage in which nearly every student had the same five or six pictures they found on the Red Pyramid wikia. (I guess I should have let them find that website on their own…)

I’m not through with all the presentations yet, but I wanted to share some of the most exciting ones with you today! Here are some photos of the projects that were made:


One of the neatest things submitted was a “talk show” with Pheme.  Pheme is the Greek goddess of gossip and rumors, and she interviewed some of the characters from the story. These girls did a great job, even though they were embarrassed watching the video during class today. (They all gave me permission to put it up for the blog!)

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4 thoughts on ““The Red Pyramid” Projects

  1. Luke

    Awesome! Great way to give them variety in how they present their learning — and get them a book by an author who’s big at the moment. What kind of books do you look for when you select for your class?

    1. Rachel Malkuch

      I try to pick books that are probably going to be liked by boys and girls… one of the reasons I picked TRP was because of the alternation of narrators in the story. You could hear both sides. I also try to pick something that I am going to enjoy teaching, because trying to teach something you don’t enjoy is a drag! I’ll put a little more thought into this and maybe write a post about it later!

  2. gmpotratz

    Very cool job, girls! Really a great way to learn a bit about the book. I’m wondering who figured out what you did for the project – combined idea?
    I can only imagine the fun you had while brainstorming the characters!

    Keep up the good work!


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