Teacher Challenge #4 – RSS, Avatars, Discussions: Oh my!

This week’s Teacher Challenge post talked about many different things that are important to blogging.  First, they mentioned RSS feeds and readers.  My favorite reader of choice is Google Reader due to the fact that I use a lot of Google products already (Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs are my favorite!)

Second was the topic of avatars.  I’ve been communicating online for quite some time, so the concept of an avatar was not lost on me.  I’ve decided to use the same picture that shows up in the top right corner of my blog as my avatar when I leave comments.  That way, if someone stumbles on my blog and then sees a comment I’ve made on someone else’s blog, they may make the visual connection.

The discussion question for this Teacher Challenge asked what way we like to keep up with our blogs.  Honestly, the easiest way for me is to use Google Reader as I mentioned earlier.  I don’t remember to check it every day, but it saves all my unread items for me until I’m ready to get there and get reading.  I really like how I’m able to organize all my subscriptions into different folders so I can organize my reading by topic.  (My folders include things like: People, Religion, Art and Music, Comics, Teacher Challenge, Teaching, Technology, and Health/Fitness.)  I know that if I don’t check Google Reader every couple days, I will have hundreds of posts to read.  I try not to use the “Mark All As Read” button.

I hope that if you find what I have to say is interesting, you’ll consider adding my blog to your reader of choice.  There’s a link with a cute purple button on the right side column.

Have a fantastic day, and keep a song in your heart!

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6 thoughts on “Teacher Challenge #4 – RSS, Avatars, Discussions: Oh my!

  1. Luke

    I also use Google Reader. I actually seldom use it for blogs that I know I’m likely to comment on, though — for some reason, when I use a reader, I never comment!

  2. Heather

    Hi there, I love Google Reader and like you, try not to hit the Mark all as Read button but on occasion I have been known to do that. 🙂

    I am must now getting around to doing an avatar. I thought I had one set up through gravatar but it never seemed to work. At the moment I am torn between whether to have a real picture or to make one.

    I also need to start making comments.

  3. ncarroll24

    I like google reader too. I’ve been adding blogs left and right – and adding subscriptions too. It is starting to feel overwhelming to me – like when I have a pile of mail! Still – it’s nice to know I have something great to read whenever I want! Thanks for your other links!

    1. Mrs S

      I like Google Reader lots. I usually just skim through the posts in Reader view but if I am on holidays with lots of time I like to use My Reader bookmarklet and click my way through each blog. That way I see their themes and all the added extras.

  4. Sue Waters

    It is a good idea to have your avatar image in your blog sidebar for exactly the reasons you mention. This is why I do it on my blogs.

    The only trouble I have is my Avatar on Twitter is what many prefer (http://twitter.com/#!/suewaters) however I’ve ended up removing that image from my blogs because students read my posts and some teachers think I’m holding a bottle of wine 🙁

  5. Lyn

    I really like the way you have used your avatar photo on your blog page. I also have chosen my photo as my avatar and would love to know how to put it on my pages. Maybe that lesson is still to come. So much to learn and all good.


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