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When I was pondering what to write about today, I looked in the box of tools that I use rather frequently with my job in education.  One of the tools I’d like to share with you is Jing, by Techsmith.

I mainly use Jing for its screencapture tool. For instance, when I was teaching our faculty how to set and check their students’ Accelerated Reader goals in Renaissance Place, I took a capture of the part of the screen they should be looking for and put it into the document that was sent to the staff. Many of the teachers appreciated the step-by-step guide with the visual aids. It saved them the time of learning how to use the web-based program themselves. Here is a link to an image I captured of my blog editing window with Jing:

Another neat thing about Jing is its video recording feature. For instance, you can see my typing as it happens in this post in the video: ! It also allows for audio recording as you record the video, so it would be a great tool to use if you were teaching someone how to use a tool on their computer without actually being next to them.

Jing also keeps a history of what you have captured from your screen.  You can save captures to your computer and upload them to

I like how Jing runs in the background with the little sunshine up in the corner and when I need it, it’s there.  Jing is a free download for both Windows and Mac.

Here’s an example of a video I created with Jing of my English class doing sentence classification:


Side note: I have not been compensated any way in writing this post.

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4 thoughts on “Capture, Record and Share your Screen with Jing

  1. gmpotratz

    Thanks for sharing this with the group. Rachel. I commend you for taking the time to write a blog to help others in the field. Nicely done! I know what kind of time it takes to do this.

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