Metro-Milwaukee Teachers’ Conference

Today I had the privilege of presenting a sectional at the Metro Milwaukee Teachers’ Conference (MMTC).  My principal and I presented on the use of Technology as a means of Alternative Assessment.

We started out with a Poll Everywhere question: “What skill is the most important to develop in our students?” We received lots of good responses! I’m thinking about using this tool in my classroom while the kids are coming into the class before school starts.

The outline for our presentation is at Google Docs: All the links that we covered in the presentation are in that document.

Please feel free to comment on this post or get in touch with me if you’d like more help on implementing technology in your classrooms!


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4 thoughts on “Metro-Milwaukee Teachers’ Conference

  1. Anne

    Wow! I hadn’t heard of a lot of these websites. I sometimes wish that I taught middle grades, so that I could use these alternative assessments! (MyFakeWall sounds like fun!)

  2. gmpotratz

    Good stuff, new tech connection! You’re a leader and teachers need to share this kind of info. Good job, and I hope you didn’t have to blow your nose too much during the presentation.

    Love the classroom polling idea. How about asking, “What do you wish teachers would learn about technology?”

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