A Wonderful Weekend (Part Two)

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Good day! I have a few announcements to make here at Learn for a Lifetime!

Announcement Number One:

I have decided to stay in my current position.  After many hours of prayer, examination of my gifts and how they would fit with each ministry, I knew that God had it in his plans for me to continue at Trinity.  I look forward to the future of my ministry here and how I can best use my gifts and talents to further the growth and knowledge of my students and their love for Jesus.

Announcement Number Two:

Last weekend I presented on using Technology as Alternative Assessment (and Differentiation) at the Metro Milwaukee Teachers’ Conference.  If you didn’t see the post that I shared earlier, click here and you’ll be able to find the list of resources that my principal and I talked about in our presentation. I was really nervous for the presentation but we had a lot of great questions and comments from the attendees.  Hopefully I can continue helping teachers learn how to implement technology into their classroom. (Contact me if you’re interested in anything I have to offer!)

Announcement Number Three:

This is probably the biggest announcement of them all (and why I titled this post the way I did)! After my presentation last Friday, I made the trek across the midwest to Sioux Falls, SD. The most awesome part of the trip?? I got engaged! Tony and I have been dating for four years, and now that he’s a few months away from finishing college, we will be getting married— this summer! I know it’s only a few short months to plan, but everything we have talked about and attempted to arrange has just fallen into place without much hassle. I know it’s right, and I can’t wait! Whenever I tell anyone that I’m recently engaged, people always ask to see the ring… so to satisfy your curiosity, here it is (it’s on my pinky because it was too small when I got it):

Thank you in advance for all your kind words! Have a fantastic day, and keep a song in your heart!


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6 thoughts on “A Wonderful Weekend (Part Two)

  1. Luke

    Congratulations again! This summer? Wow that’s fast — and good! I’m in favor of shorter engagements. Is he moving to your home, then, since you’re keeping your current call?

    1. Rachel Malkuch

      That is the plan. Thank you so much. I think I would drive myself batty worrying about the little details of the wedding that really don’t matter that much.

      He will be moving out this way, yes. (It was important for me to have at least a little income rather than both of us being unemployed!)

      1. Luke

        I realize that this may be too early, but are you planning on staying in the same place, or getting something larger? And don’t worry; the wedding is one day. The marriage is a lifetime! The marriage is far more important than any wedding.

    2. Rachel Malkuch

      I just realized I never answered this… yes, he’ll be moving in to where I’m living right now. Any advice on how to purge stuff you’ve collected over 6 years that you really don’t need?? 🙂

  2. Kris

    Wow Rae, I’m so happy for you guys! Luke’s got it spot on- the wedding is only a day. Don’t let people get “in your head” too much about planning- it’s a day for YOU and your guy to get married. Anything else celebratory that happens is, as my principal puts it, “frosting.”

  3. diana

    So so happy for you guys! Don’t worry about planning a wedding in a short time. I did ours in three months and it turned out GREAT. God’s blessings to the both of you!


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