Running (Or Lack Thereof)

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Hello readers.

At least, I hope there are still some of you out there! Helloooooo? ahem. (I feel like every post is an apology for not writing…anyway…)

One of the biggest things I’ve been failing with is time management.  Well, maybe not.  Right now, I am:

  1. Teaching full time (and logging lots of non-paid overtime hours correcting and planning–because I love it!).
  2. Planning a July 16 wedding.
  3. Taking an online class for my Masters in Educational Design and Technology.
  4. Training for a half-marathon???
Number four is where I’ve struggled.  My 12-week training plan started right around Valentines Day, the same time when I was struggling to decide what route (ha! Get it, route??) to take regarding my teaching position. I didn’t start.
I made the decision on the Call, and the same weekend, I got engaged.  I still wasn’t running.
I started my online classes eight weeks ago… I still wasn’t running.
Last night, I was at an impasse with myself.  I had just scarfed down a big unhealthy meal.  I was at a low point with myself.  I honestly, seriously considered dropping out of the May 7 race coming up in Kenosha.
Even though I have seriously lacked training, I’m going to get in a couple runs this week, and I’m hoping for a great 10 miles on Saturday.   If I can get those 10 miles done in a reasonable amount of time, I feel like I should be okay for the half-marathon.  I never went more than 10 miles in training for the Vegas half-marathon in December.  I know I definitely will not be able to run as much as I like, but I’ve become okay with that.
I’m okay with that.

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4 thoughts on “Running (Or Lack Thereof)

  1. Emily

    You can do it! I find that when I exercise I am less stressed, but I also watch t.v. while I exercise so I don’t get much time to think.

  2. Amy

    Just be smart. I’ve been training for 14 weeks and I’m still freaking about the race. It’ll be great to see you out there!


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