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Have you ever wondered how people take videos of their computer screen and add a voice over? I’ve written before about Jing, which is a program you install to your computer.  For those of you who don’t like taking up precious space on your hard drive, Screenr is a web app that will have you screencasting in no time! All you need is an internet connection, the Java plugin and an external microphone. You will also need to sign up for a free Screenr account, which can be based of a number of different social media sign-ins. (I used Google.)

Here’s my first attempt at using Screenr:

Another attempt where I talk about uploading art to Artsonia:

There are so many educational uses for a web app like this! Here are the ones my partner and I decided to put in our course wiki:

  • Students may search the public gallery for information on items they are studying.
  • Students may easily produce screencasts themselves as part of a presentation or to teach concepts to others.
  • Teachers may quickly produce a screencast to review the day’s assignments for absent students.
  • Teachers may teach and post lessons using a desktop computer and screencasting to supplement concepts covered in class.
  • Teachers may create screencasts to demonstrate and teach technology usage to other teachers.
Happy screencasting! (Again, if you need any help, let me know!)
Keep a song in your heart!

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