Confession Hymn

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I was cleaning through some old files and I found these hymn verses I had written for a 2009 Lenten-season worship service. They are meant for the tune Gethsemane (“Go to Dark Gethsemane” or “Chief of Sinners Though I Be”). I’m not sure how good they are, since they haven’t been revised very much.  If you would like to use them for personal devotion time, go ahead.  If you’d like to use them in a more corporate worship setting, please ask me and I would love to give you permission as long as I am credited as writing them. Here it is:

Lord, we come to you today,
feeling sorrow ev’ry hour.
Knowing we did not obey,
Shunning your almighty pow’r.
Hating you: thought, word, and deed.
Hear us in our time of need.

What you have commanded us,
We by nature do not do.
You have shown us how to love,
Yet we have refused that, too.
By our nature, we are dead.
For our sins, your blood was shed.

Lord, have mercy on us now
as we bring our tears to you.
By your grace to us allow
faith, new life, our hearts renewed.
God in heaven, hear our prayer.
Keep us in your tender care!

King of Glory, loving God
washed us with His Son’s pure blood.
To the hill your Son did trod
Nailed upon a cross of wood
Christ, for all our sins atoned!
Holy God on heaven’s throne.

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