#FebPhotoADay Days 6 & 7

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Day 6 got a little messy because I had a two(ish)-hour meeting after school for technology purposes.  We’re getting rid of our antiquated computer lab, and looking to implement a laptop cart in the lower grades and do 1:1 computing in our upper grades.  We’re looking into Chromebooks for 6-8th grade and are still wondering what the best option will be for K-5.  Anyhow, the meeting was at a local restaurant, and I had an appetizer. I wasn’t really planning that it would end up being my dinner, so I didn’t take a picture of it.  After I got home, my husband and I had some errands to run, so we went to Wally World, and he ended up getting a Subway sub while we were there.  The rules didn’t say it had to be my dinner, so here’s the picture:

Day 7’s theme was “Button.” Did this mean the kind of button that you close up your pants or jacket? Did it mean the thing that presidential candidates used to hand out with catchy slogans on them? All of the above? Anyway, I just so happened to have a jar of leftover buttons from our Sock Monster project that we did in art a while ago.  Here they are:

Until my next update, keep a song in your heart! 😉

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