Chromebooks and 1:1 Computing

This past week, I had the privilege of attending two different events related to Chromebooks in the classroom.

Last Saturday was “Super Saturday,” at the Intermediate School in Merton, WI. Julie Reuter (@jgbluedevil) put together a GREAT site on how to use Web 2.o tools and Chromebooks in her blended classroom. She talked extensively on how they came to replace their Netbooks with Chromebooks, and showcased some of the projects that they made with the technology in the classroom.  I’m sure I will be going back to her site (linked at her name above) to find ideas on how to use technology as a tool in my 1:1 classroom next year.

Chromebooks at Grace by Peter Iles

Wednesday of this week, my principal and I had the opportunity to drive up to Oshkosh, WI, to visit Peter Iles (click the link for his school blog, and here for his Twitter page). Why? Because this year he has successfully implemented the Chromebooks at his school, Grace Lutheran. (Which, interestingly enough, was one of the schools where my grandfather taught during his teaching ministry!) I had a mental image of what I thought the classroom would look like, and I’m glad to say that it fit my mental model.

Both of these events find me at an integral point in my professional career: first, we are implementing the Chromebooks next year, so I have to get ready for that; next, I am about to start writing my graduate thesis/seminar project on implementing a 1:1 program. (At least, that’s where my initial thoughts have been. Subject to change.)

There are lots of things coming up in the next year! I hope I can stay on top of it all.

Signing off for this week! Until next time, keep a song in your heart! 🙂

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1 thought on “Chromebooks and 1:1 Computing

  1. gmpotratz

    Excited for your move to 1:1! I am trying to work 1:1 with chromebooks into the 6th grade for next year and move up the books with the kids through grade 8. Every year 6th graders would get the new books. How are you doing it? (I’m using it with grade 8 on the macbooks until I can’t keep them going any more – hate to give up on those.) Have some concerns about some limitations with the chromebooks. video creation for one……

    Did you get into the chromebooks on the old pricing model or the new? No more paying by the month…….. Are you a google apps school?

    Saw you followed by blog. Obviously, I don’t use it. Stopped because keeping the school blog up on a weekly basis was all the blogging I could fit in – some day when I have time to do my own blog, I won’t have anything to write about! I do read yours periodically – obviously!

    Keep me posted on the project – I’d love to compare notes sometime this summer – Gail


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