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This week we have done quite a bit of work with paper. Cutting, gluing, folding and labeling have been our top priorities in science and art.

In science, we are covering the skeletal system, so I found a site that had downloadable templates of a skeleton.  It was mainly for Halloween decoration, but it fit our purpose! My students have a list of around 25 bones that they need to memorize, and this project would help them memorize them! I had one student say, “I think I know all the bones just from putting this together!” (Which was music to my ears!) The picture is my example skeleton, who has donned a fez and a bow tie, because I can’t resist making a Doctor Who reference in my class. The kids made up hilarious names like Mr. Bone-voyage, Bonita, and Perry the Bone-apus. (The last one even had a fedora and a duck-bill!) It was fun work, even though I gave up two and a half class periods to do it.

The other thing we are working on is making paper tulips for Mothers’ Day. This one I found on Pinterest, and it originally came from a blog called crafty crunchy spicy. (Click the link for the directions on how to fold) I figured that since I had found such an excellent project for Valentine’s Day on Pinterest, I must be able to find one for Mothers’ Day. Our first attempts were with construction paper, which just didn’t work with folding.  So, I raided our copy closet and found some pink copy paper. That worked much better.  The folding was just as much an exercise in following directions as it was doing it correctly.  The final assignment will be to make three tulips and put them together in a mini-bouquet that the kids can give to their moms. Hopefully they remember to bring them home and not squish them!

Sorry this didn’t go up yesterday — my week was a little skewed by our field trip to Wrigley Field for a baseball game on Wednesday. Talk to you again soon!

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